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Academic Category

Chinese Debate Team


The Chinese Debate Team was established in 2011. The team aims to promote critical thinking, guide students to present their opinions in an organised way and develop debating skills through regular trainings. 


The team has a total of 20 members. The training course is structured with scaffolding activities. For example, we hold regular classroom debates which allow members to apply what they have learnt, and incrementally improve their knowledge about debating.


We encourage our members to join the local debating community by participating in inter-school competitions. We join Basic Law Debate Competition and Yao Dao Cup Inter Primary School Debate Competition every year. Our team has won the group championship and the third place at both competition, and three members have been awarded "The Best Debater".



Chinese Drama Team


The Chinese Drama Team was established in 2013. The team aims at helping students develop language skills, arousing their interests in acting and building up their confidence through performing drama plays.


The team has a total of 16 members. Every year, the team takes part in different competitions such as the Hong Kong School Drama Festival, Putonghua Drama Competition and Territory-Wide Competition in Story Telling, Sketch Comedy Performance and Verse Speaking. 


The team has been awarded “The Outstanding Stage Effect” while some of the members have received “The Outstanding Actress” awards.



English Drama Team


The English Drama Team was established in 2009. We aim at providing opportunities for students to apply the drama skills they have learnt in their English and Language Arts lessons. Teachers provide trainings to foster students’ creativity, persistence and self-confidence. Students learn to analyse the characters and the plot in the story, how to use suitable voice, facial expressions and body gestures to play the different characters in each scene as well as making props together.


The drama team members are from P.4-P.6. The team joins the Hong Kong School Drama Festival every year. Our team members and teachers participate in the debriefing sessions with the adjudicators every time after our performances for evaluation and advice so as to improve ourselves. Our members have earned the Awards for Outstanding Performer, Outstanding Cooperation, Outstanding Stage Effect, and Commendable Overall Performance. Besides, the teachers have earned the Awards for Outstanding Director and Outstanding Script.



GO Chess Team


The GO Chess Team was established in 2016. Our team consists of 40 members and they attend training every week. Through joining competitions, students can gain experience and learn from others. They all show a great improvement in logical thinking.


The team has won awards from Gold to Bronze in Inter-school GO Chess Competition and was a Team Champion as well.



Math Olympiad Team


The Math Olympiad Team was established in 2017. It aims at heightening students’ interest in learning mathematics while providing enhancement training for students with high potential in mathematics. Around 10 students from each level are selected to the school team based on their academic performance in mathematics, performance in different mathematics competitions and the nomination by teachers. Elite training programmes are provided after school. All team members have a chance of joining Math Olympiad competitions. 


The team members have won awards from Gold to Bronze. Through trainings and competitions, not only students’ mathematics ability are enhanced, it also facilitates exchange among students from different schools or even around the world.



Odyssey of the Mind Team


The Odyssey of the Mind Team was established in 2017. Odyssey of the Mind is an international creative problem-solving programme founded in 1978. The team members work together to solve a predefined long-term problem and present their solution to the problem at the competition. The solution often takes many months to complete and involves various elements of theatrical performance, construction and design. Apart from this, the team has to provide a creative solution to a spontaneous problem given to them on the spot at the competition. Winners from regional tournaments will represent their states or cities to compete in the World Finals held in the US.


Each year, P.4 and P.5 students are selected to join the Odyssey of the Mind Team. It is our honour to be one of the teams representing Hong Kong in the World Finals. Both teachers and students had a great time and gained precious experience there.