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Vision, Mission and Core Values

Our Vision

“To be an exemplary learning organisation wherein every member achieves one's best.”


We envision

  • our students as Beacons of Light;
  • our teachers and staff as exemplary mentors and role models; 
  • our school as a learning community for all; and
  • our society as a safe harbour where it is harmonious and prosperous for us to live and work in.


 Our Mission

To strive to provide a safe, comfortable and caring environment that supports students’ well-being and develops students into confident, competent and compassionate individuals.


To provide students with ample learning opportunities to lay a sound foundation for developing their capabilities in multiple areas.


To develop students to their fullest potential in the moral, intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic, affective and spiritual domains.


To equip students with cognitive skills, social and emotional skills, as well as life skills necessary for independent learning, decision-making and problem solving.


To engage and empower our teachers, staff, parents and other stakeholders to support a student-centric education approach in terms of moral, academic and talent development of our young.


 Our Core Values

We educate students to understand and embrace life with perseverance, integrity, commitment and responsibility, as well as to appreciate life with respect and care. By learning how to appreciate, accept and care for others, positive character and behaviour will follow, resulting in an open-minded and mutually respectful social culture.


Care – to understand others’ situation, and to care for the family, people in need, minorities and the natural environment with goodness and empathy.


Respect – to understand and appreciate oneself and others’ values, and to accept people’s uniqueness and different choices.


Integrity – to be upright, fair and honest towards everyone. Walk the talk.


Responsibility – to remain steadfast in duties and try one’s best to make perfect.


Commitment – to shoulder personal, family and social responsibilities and duties.


Perseverance – to be determined when facing difficulties and obstacles. Try one’s best to reach goals with stamina.