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Objectives and Goals



We are committed to cultivating in our students the following qualities and aspirations:


  • a sound and solid foundation of knowledge;
  • a unique disposition with positive values;
  • biliterate and trilingual competences;
  • the ability to think logically;
  • curiosity and innovation in learning;
  • a healthy mind and body;
  • commitment to the society;
  • knowledge and appreciation of the Chinese and foreign cultures;
  • digital literacy; and
  • the competencies to embrace the future.


We promote teacher professional development and support teachers to be teacher leaders in facilitating school advancement and providing quality education through:


  • identifying professional competencies and qualification requirements for our teachers;
  • planning, implementing and evaluating professional development programmes; and
  • collaborating and exchanging ideas with various stakeholders, local as well as international educational bodies and organisations.


We work with parents so that they

  • can be more attentive to their children;
  • maintain close family relationships;
  • have happy parenting experiences; and
  • support the missions and policies of the school.


We engage and make positive impact to the community by

  • co-sharing proactively the resources from the community to strengthen, deepen and widen the learning experiences of students; and
  • co-operating with other organisations and leveraging our school resources to nurture talents and contribute back to the community.




The concept of having a Student Profile is to provide a visualised image of what kind of person we expect our students to be, and the essential qualities our students have to possess. It helps us define our mission of education and a set of learning outcomes, while putting students at the centre of everything we do. It provides a shared goal that helps engage everyone working in or collaborating with the school in a purpose-driven journey – a journey to grow and nurture talents with good character and capabilities.


Through proper whole-person development and the inculcation of core values (namely Care, Respect, Integrity, Responsibility, Commitment and Perseverance) in our students, we envision students to develop into well-rounded individuals possessing the desired qualities of Lifelong Learners, Wise Decision-makers, Responsible Citizens and Moral Leaders.


Lifelong Learners

who are active, curious learners with the skills and confidence to learn in a self-motivated, self-directed, valiant and continuous manner.


Wise Decision-makers

who are open-minded and have the wisdom and discernment between right and wrong, and therefore know how to make informed, rational, constructive and accountable choices in their lives.


Responsible Citizens

who are selfless and empathetic to others, and take a proactive role in fulfilling their responsibilities as good citizens.


Moral Leaders

who guide themselves and others with values and ethics, step up when needed and do what is best for the greater good. They are principled individuals and always serve others with humility and a genuine heart.